About Us

sultanate company Advocates and Legal Consultants

Sultanate Advocates and Legal Consultants is a Saudi company professionally licensed to provide a comprehensive and wide range of legal services and legal advice according to the highest quality standards. Sultanate’s lawyers and advisors are highly skilled in performing services and legal work on a large scale; Because of their depth of knowledge in the legal field, as well as the ability to meet clients’ needs, efficiency and flexibility in work.

We at Sultanate Company help our clients determine their options and take their hands and qualify them to take the most appropriate and best decisions, in order to secure their position and protect their business and activities. We also work to provide legal advice and opinions, which range from simple daily decisions to the most difficult complex commercial transactions, committed to the principles of confidentiality and privacy to achieve the right and advance companies and individuals to the highest level.

our vision

To be one of the leading companies in practicing the legal profession and providing legal services at the local and international levels, to defend the rights and interests of our clients before all courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of all kinds and degrees.

Our Mission

Establishing the principle of justice and actively participating in its implementation with complete success in order to deliver rights to our clients in the shortest possible time, and to remove all obstacles in front of them by providing them with the best legal advice.

Our value

We at Sultanate Law Firm and Legal Consultations have established firm foundations and firm values, to provide you with the best legal services
By a distinguished team of highly qualified, the most important of which are:


We always put your interest as our priority, and we promise to be honest and transparent in every step we take together during your case.


We strive to work in line with the best standards. We welcome the difficulties and challenges that come with the smallest and most difficult details.


We are working to promote a one-team culture.


We are committed to providing the highest standards of legal representation and making every effort to reach a satisfactory and acceptable solution to your case


The privacy of our customers is
our top priority.


Every case for any of our clients is ours, we understand that we are all human and make mistakes, and we will stand by you to ensure that you are treated fairly and legally


Put your full confidence in our lawyers and legal advisors with many years of experience in the law, and be confident that we will reach the results that will satisfy you.


We treat everyone with the highest degree of respect and humanity, regardless of their different cultures, status and social origins.

Our Team

محمد بن نايف الأزوري
المحامي والموثق والمحكم الدولي
كامل عادل كامل
مستشار وخبير قانوني
محمد الكحلاوي
مستشار قانوني
سماهر منصور العتيبي
مهند عبدالله الزايدي
سعد القثامي
مسئول العلاقات الحكومية
عبدالباسط نور أحمد
سكرتارية أعمال التوثيق
محمد الأمير
مسؤول الضيافة